Born in Iwate Prefecture in 1962, Masatomo completed his Research Doctoral Course and Master’s degree at the Chuo University Graduate School of Law, Tokyo. And completed a Doctoral Program for Informatics at the Institute of Information Security, Tokyo. After working with Nifty Corporation for 4 years, He became a professor at Niigata University in 2005 and concurrently serving as Chairman of the Institute for Information Law since 2016. He joined RIKEN in 2017.
His specialty is Information Law. He mainly conducts research on Personal Information Protection Law, Rights of Privacy, Medical and Genome Information and A.I Law. He was also involved in the establishment and amendment of the Japanese Personal Information Protection Act, the creation of the “My Number” system and the “Privacy Mark” system in Japan. He was also involved in the drafting and revision of the Japan Industry Standard (JIS) Q 15001: 1999.
In 2016 He was appointed as a Director of “the Association of Law and Information Systems”, “Journal of Law and Information System" Editorial Board. He serves as one of “the Director for the Law and Computers Association of Japan”. He is also a member of “the Information Network Law Association Japan”, and served as a Director from 2004-2005.
He is the author of numerous articles on Personal data protection law.


Senior Researcher
     Saiful AZIZ, Ph.D.

Senior Researcher
     N. KATO, LL.M.

Researcher (Graduate student Doctoral course)
     Y. KIM, LL.M.

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Chairman Secretary (JILIS) 
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