Born in Iwate Prefecture in 1962, Masatomo completed his Research Doctoral Course and Master’s degree at the Chuo University Graduate School of Law, Tokyo. And completed a Doctoral Program for Informatics at the Institute of Information Security, Tokyo. After working with Nifty Corporation*1, He became a professor at Niigata University in 2005 and concurrently serving as Chairman of the Institute for Law and Information Systems (JILIS) since 2016.*2 He joined RIKEN in 2017*3. He was also involved in the amendment of the Japanese Personal Information Protection Act, the creation of the “My Number” system, the “Privacy Mark” system and the Japanese Industrial Standard “JIS Q 15001” in Japan. In 2016 He was appointed as a Director of “the Association of Law and Information Systems”, “Journal of Law and Information System" Editorial Board. In 2020, he began working as a Senior Visiting Scientist for the AI Utilization in Society and Legal System Team at the RIKEN Center for Integrated Research on Innovative Intelligence.

*1 Nifty Corporation was then a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited, the largest Internet service provider in Japan.
*2 Founded in 2016, JILIS conducts research on law and information systems and provides policy recommendations.
*3 Principal investigator, Leader for the Information Law Team (2017/4-2020/3) at the RIKEN.


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     Saiful AZIZ, Ph.D.

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     N. KATO, LL.M.

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     Y. KIM, LL.M.

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